An Untreated Cavity Can Be a Common Cause of Toothache Pain

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Individuals who struggle with dental anxiety or dental phobia symptoms are sometimes reticent to seek professional dental care until a small problem worsens into a serious dental health condition. If you have let a cavity go untreated for too long the bacterial tooth decay could penetrate the core of the tooth causing a slowly worsening toothache.

In a case like this, you need to have it examined by a professional dentist like Dr. Teresa Eplett before the tooth decay can cause a dangerous dental abscess in your gums. The severity of the tooth decay will determine the treatment strategy that he recommends.

Once tooth decay has escalated to this degree, the most viable treatment option is often for Dr. Teresa Eplett to perform a root canal. This endodontic therapy will effectively excise all compromised tissues while also excising the tooth’s enamel layer.

Then Dr. Teresa Eplett will restore the internal structure of the tooth to prepare it for an eventual crown.

In a severe case where a large abscess has developed in your gums, Dr. Teresa Eplett might recommend a total extraction. Once everything has healed and any latent infection concerns have passed, your dentist can help you choose the best method for restoring the tooth’s presence in your mouth.

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