Modern Dentures Offer You the Beauty and Security Your Smile Needs

If you have broken or lost teeth from decay or injury, today’s dentures are a great tooth replacement if you don’t want dental implants. Dentures can provide you with a fully functioning set of teeth that look and feel natural. They can keep you looking younger by giving your cheeks the shape and definition they need to maintain a full... read more »

Are Implant-Supported Dentures a Good Fit for Your Smile?

If you are thinking of getting dentures but are worried about how stable they will be in your smile, maybe it is time to consider wearing implant-supported dentures as an effective solution for your missing teeth. Thanks to new technology in dental care, these dentures not only remain securely in place without slipping around, but they also have one of... read more »

Now May Be a Good Time for a Denture Realignment

When you wear dentures as a tooth replacement option, the appliance can shift as your mouth adjusts to them. Even after you have been wearing your dentures for some time, as the gum tissues and jawbone supporting them changes, the denture can loosen and shift. When this happens, you will benefit from a denture realignment. In fact, it is recommended... read more »

Take Good Care of Your Dentures and They’ll Take Good Care of You

Wearing removable partial or full dentures effectively replace missing teeth to restore your smile beautifully. And while your dentures will never succumb to decay like your natural teeth, your new false teeth still need to get the care and attention they require to serve you properly. Well cared for dentures also look and smell better while keeping harmful oral bacteria... read more »

Do You Have Missing Teeth in Your Smile?

Are you missing one or more permanent teeth? Do you have unsightly gaps in your mouth from tooth loss? If so, our denturist is pleased to offer full and partial dentures for patients who have one or more missing permanent teeth. It’s important to replace lost teeth, for several reasons. Neglecting to do so not only impact your looks but... read more »

We Can Alter Your Dentures If They Are Feeling Loose

If you have lost multiple teeth and are wearing full or partial dentures to restore your healthy, beautiful smile, you already know how important it is that they fit comfortably so you can speak and chew normally. When creating dentures, our denturist at ADC Dental & Denture Clinic Inc. in Medford, Oregon, will make sure the denture conforms to the... read more »

Do You Know About Denture Adhesive for a More Secure Fit?

If you have lost teeth due to age, injury or illness, dentures can provide an excellent solution to replacing missing teeth and restoring chewing, speaking and aesthetic function. These removable oral appliances are economical, look natural and fit better than ever before. Whether you are missing several teeth or all of them, dentures can be right for you! Whether you... read more »

What Are The Benefits To Wearing Dental Implant-Supported Dentures?

If you have lost multiple teeth and are wearing or will be wearing dentures, you might be a good candidate to restore your smile with a modern dental restoration known as dental implant-supported dentures. These custom-made dentures are like traditional dentures except they use surgically placed dental implants to act as an artificial tooth root that anchors them in your... read more »

Do Your Dentures Still Fit?

Are you experiencing discomfort or pain with ill-fitting dentures? You shouldn’t have to! Our team focuses not only on creating great-fitting dentures but fixing them as well. Every smile is different, and because we want you to have comfortable dentures, we want to help you understand when it’s time to fix or replace your dentures. Your gum tissue and jawbones... read more »

How to Clean Your Dentures so They Will Serve You Well

When it comes to caring for your dentures, cleaning is a vital component for how they will continue to function best in your mouth. This is true for both partial or full dentures. Keeping them free from bacteria and oral debris protects your oral health and appearance. The first thing you want to do it make sure you take your... read more »