A Partial Denture Can Restore a Smile Marred by Missing Teeth

If you have lost one or more front teeth to a dental injury or untreated tooth decay, the missing tooth has likely done more than just hamper your ability to eat properly. Indeed, many people who are missing teeth also experience issues related to their outward appearance, which leads them to hide their smile. At... Read more »

A Complete Denture Can Replace the Teeth in a Full Dental Arch

As you grow older your body naturally undergoes a variety of changes. Some individuals who struggle to maintain healthy daily oral hygiene practices are often at increased risk for suffering long-term problems such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. As the years go by, bacteria living near or in the gumline can start to infiltrate… Read more »

Taking Care of Your Dentures

You may think that once you have dentures, your days of brushing your teeth will be over. The truth is that the way you brush will change, but you will still need to brush. Although your dentures are not your natural teeth, they can still accumulate food debris and plaque that can cause bad breath… Read more »

Dealing with Dentures

If you are getting dentures, you will have some adjustments to make. But don’t worry, with a little effort, you can get used to wearing them in no time at all. Your new dentures should fit comfortably. They should not hurt or feel tight. If you experience any discomfort, contact Dr. for an adjustment. You… Read more »

A Cosmetic Bonding Treatment Can Help Address a Minor Physical Defect on a Tooth’s Enamel Layer

Each of your teeth is clad in a durable layer of tooth enamel. It provides your teeth with the strength to bite and chew food while also protecting the sensitive internal structures. When tooth enamel is chipped the physical defect can start to trap plaque and other bacterial deposits which could contribute to tooth decay…. Read more »

An Extracted Tooth Might Be Replaced by a Dental Bridge

Some cases of tooth decay and dental trauma can harm the root of a tooth so badly that a dentist’s only treatment option is to perform a total extraction. Once all remnants of the tooth have been removed from the socket, your gums will be sutured to help them heal. When you are ready, you… Read more »

Super Smiles: Dental Floss

Are you aware of the risks associated with poor oral hygiene? Oral hygiene refers to the oral health care treatment you use to help keep your mouth clean. If you are not improving your oral hygiene each year, you could be leaving your mouth susceptible to several health risks. Not only should you be cleaning… Read more »

The Benefits of Root Canals

While probably not your first choice when it comes to dentistry, a root canal can actually help you save a tooth that has become a victim of infection. It can help you stop the discomfort the tooth is feeling because of said infection and prevent other problems from arising. Sometimes, a cavity or a crack… Read more »

When Bad Breath Strikes

What causes bad breath (also called halitosis)? In this blog post, we’ve collected a few probable reasons for bad breath, and ways that you can combat it. Honestly ask yourself these questions about your dental hygiene routines: Are you brushing twice a day, for a full two minutes each session? Are you flossing once daily,… Read more »

Cleaning Tips for Mouth Guards

Cleaning a mouth guard is just as important as cleaning your mouth because that is exactly where the guard goes. If left unattended, numerous bacterial and fungal infections can make their way into your mouth, but these following tips can help you stave off any infections and keep your mouth protected. We recommend you try… Read more »