Practical Oral Health Care: Dental Health Perils

If underlying conditions that lead to tooth hazards are not treated properly, it can give rise to several forms of dental damage. Thus, you must inspect all aspects of your life and determine which areas need to be altered and which areas do not. With effective tooth hazard prevention plans, small changes in your life… Read more »

What is a Root Canal and Do I Need One?

Patients hear the phrase “root canal” and they often automatically fear the worst.  Root canals have gotten a bad reputation over the years, but the truth is that a root canal is often needed to save an infected tooth, and promote overall oral health. If left untreated, you could experience pain in the area, and… Read more »

There Are Multiple Causes of Toothaches

When it comes to a painful ache in your tooth, did you know there could be more than one cause? Getting a seed stuck can be painful enough, but what if you can’t find a seed stuck in your tooth? If you identify the source of a toothache, you could treat it faster and keep… Read more »

Avoid Common Oral Hazards That Can Damage Your Smile

If you desire the best possible oral health, it begins with protecting your teeth. Always make sure to keep your tooth enamel safe and make sure to avoid potential oral health risks. Avoid common oral hazards that can damage your smile. Listed below are a few common hazards to your smile, as well as a… Read more »

Is Cosmetic Dentistry the Pinnacle of Modern Dentistry?

Is cosmetic dentistry the pinnacle of modern dentistry? Although there have been many improvements as a whole in the field of dentistry, none may be more impressive than those services designed to improve your smile, especially its look. Even teeth whiteners have become so amazing that a single professional whitening treatment is capable of improving… Read more »

What Are Dentures Used For?

What are dentures used for? Dentures are a removable tooth replacement selection that can fill any gap you have, large or small, for a functional smile that is easy to care for. If you are only missing a few teeth, partial dentures can be designed to suit your needs, but if you are looking for… Read more »

Three Myth Busters about Root Canals

Do you think you might need a root canal? Symptoms include a severe toothache, sensitivity, tenderness, discoloration, or a small bump near one of your teeth. If you’re feeling anxious or skeptical about this procedure, you’re not alone. However, know that your fears might actually be based on a myth. Here are some myth busters:… Read more »

Dental Implants and Bridges are Better Than Ever

When dental implants first arrived on the dental scene, they could only be used to replace a single tooth at a time. Dental technology has evolved since that time and now allows Dr. the ability to replace multiple lost teeth at a time by anchoring a dental bridge in the place of the missing teeth…. Read more »

A Temporary Crown Needs Daily Awareness and Good Oral Hygiene

Many of the dental and cosmetic restorations performed at call for the use of a dental crown. This process involves removing the entire tooth enamel layer of an affected tooth. Then, will take an impression to serve as a guide for the professional dental lab technician who will create the final crown. To protect the… Read more »

Periodontal Disease Can Cause Tooth Loss and Other Complications

Periodontal disease, sometimes referred to as gum disease, is the inflammation or infection of the gum tissues. The American Dental Association states that it afflicts an estimated 47 percent of adults over the age of 30. The primary cause is hardened tartar at the gumline. Certain lifestyle habits, like tobacco use, and certain medical conditions… Read more »