Cleaning Tips for Mouth Guards

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Cleaning a mouth guard is just as important as cleaning your mouth because that is exactly where the guard goes. If left unattended, numerous bacterial and fungal infections can make their way into your mouth, but these following tips can help you stave off any infections and keep your mouth protected.

We recommend you try actually brushing the mouth guard with a toothbrush and toothpaste. It can be extremely helpful if you brush the guard before and after you wear it. We also recommend rinsing it with soapy water. If you get into the regular habit of brushing and washing the guard, you should be okay.

Lastly, find a nice protective case that provides decent ventilation for the mouth guard. If the mouth guard is closed off from the air and not allowed to dry, bacteria can grow more prolifically on it. Providing sufficient ventilation can keep it nice and dry, which keeps any bacteria from spreading across your mouth guard.

These tips should help you maintain your oral health and avoid infection. If should ever need our help, come visit us here at ADC Dental & Denture Clinic Inc. in Medford, Oregon. Drs. Haddad and Lewellyn, our dentists, are happy to be of service. To contact us, call 541-772-8280.