Ensuring a Healthy Smile While Giving Thanks This Holiday Season

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Thanksgiving and Christmas is a time of festive celebration and partaking of yummy food and drink. At ADC Dental & Denture Clinic Inc., we love to celebrate the holidays, but we also care about your oral health and want to ensure your smile stays healthy this holiday season. So, when you dig into the candied yams, pumpkin and cherry pies, and sparkling cider, also dig into brushing and flossing right after and pay extra attention to your teeth and gums, for a cavity-free holiday season! Here are some good tips to keep in mind while enjoying the winter holidays this year:

-Cut back on snacking with sugary foods in-between the game and Thanksgiving feast. Instead, opt for cheese and crackers, apple slices, nuts, and fresh vegetables – without the dip. Your teeth will thank you!
-After eating, chew some sugarless gum, which helps keep teeth white and helps with digestion and saliva, as well as helping cleanse the teeth.
-If you are going to drink cider or other acidic beverages, try to drink them quickly, instead of sipping on them, which keeps acid on the teeth for longer periods of time.
-Limit the number of desserts and sweets you give your kids and ingest yourself. Being an example to your kids may help them see the importance of taking care of oral health.

I’m sure the dentist would have more tips and cautions for the holiday season, so please get in touch with us at 541-772-8280 or to schedule a checkup with Dr. Teresa Eplett. Our goal is to provide optimal dental care in Medford, Oregon.