How to Win the Battle Against Cavities

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Winning the battle against cavities begins with you. It is important to practice safe and effective oral health care habits such as brushing twice daily and flossing daily. However, even if you are doing your part it is possible for a cavity to sneak by and settle shop in one of your teeth.

Fortunately for you, ADC Dental & Denture Clinic Inc. is here as a second line of defense to protect your teeth and gums. If you are bombarded with any cavities, we have the tools to defeat them. Two of our best dental filling services include composite fillings and dental amalgams. Here are some advantages to each:

Advantages of composites:
– Composite fillings can be customized to match the color of a tooth.
– Some cavities are too small to be effectively fixed with amalgams. Composites can go closer and deeper to fill these cavities.
– If a composite filling needs to be repaired, the original filling does not need to be removed.
– Composite fillings contain no mercury, which some individuals may be allergic to.
– Composite fillings are extremely durable and can prevent tooth fracture.

Advantages of amalgams:
– Dental amalgams have been shown to be more effective and last longer in larger cavities compared to composite fillings.
– Dental amalgams take far less time to place in the dentist’s office.
– Dental amalgams have been around for over 150 years in America with a proven record of long-term success and quality.

ADC Dental & Denture Clinic Inc. wants to make your dental fillings as successful and timely as we can. You are welcome to schedule a visit to our office in Medford, Oregon. For more information about which service suits you best, please book an oral exam with Dr. Teresa Eplett by calling our office at 541-772-8280. We look forward to fighting cavities for you!