The Benefits of Root Canals

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While probably not your first choice when it comes to dentistry, a root canal can actually help you save a tooth that has become a victim of infection. It can help you stop the discomfort the tooth is feeling because of said infection and prevent other problems from arising.

Sometimes, a cavity or a crack in your tooth can expose the pulp and nerves on the inside. This can open the door to infection, which can cause discomfort for you. If the infection continues, it can cause an abscess to develop. If an abscess remains for a long time, it can cause bone loss in your jaws.

A root canal can help you with these problems. The purpose of a root canal is to remove the infected pulp and nerves. With the infected tissue gone, the discomfort in the tooth should go away. Abscesses can also be prevented. You can also save the tooth this way, which can be a major plus compared to losing it because of the infection or having it extracted.

If you are concerned a root canal will cause discomfort, you need not be. We make sure that we numb the area with a local anesthetic. The anesthetic should help you feel comfortable and relaxed while the treatment is performed.

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