There Are Multiple Causes of Toothaches

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When it comes to a painful ache in your tooth, did you know there could be more than one cause? Getting a seed stuck can be painful enough, but what if you can’t find a seed stuck in your tooth? If you identify the source of a toothache, you could treat it faster and keep it from coming back. That is why our team here at ADC Dental & Denture Clinic Inc., is happy to talk to you about toothaches and the many causes of them.

There are many reasons a toothache can appear. Some of these reasons include accidents or injuries, cracked or chipped teeth, the root of a tooth becoming exposed or inflamed, gum disease, food stuck in teeth, and the most common source is cavities.

Cavities can happen from poor brushing and flossing habits, too much exposure to sugars, or bacteria nesting in your tooth unable to be cleaned. That is why, keeping up with your dental appointments are crucial to your oral health care, so you can prevent painful toothaches, and other situations like cavities or gum disease from happening. If you do have a toothache, be sure to call Dr. Haddad and Dr. Lewellyn and make an appointment right away.

Having a cool compress or taking over-the-pain medications can assist when you have a toothache. However, remember to come in for a dental visit to identify the cause of the problem. If you have any questions or concerns about your smile, please call us today at 541-772-8280 to set up an appointment with our dentists in Medford, Oregon. Our friendly staff is always thrilled to help take away your pain and help you smile.