Uncover Your Smile with Dentures

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If you are missing any teeth, they can lead to a severe downturn in your overall health. This is because missing teeth can produce several oral ailments and can severely weaken various parts of your smile. Thus, it is important to always have missing teeth replaced as soon as possible. If you are looking for a highly effective tooth replacement prosthetic that can complete your smile, consider dentures.

Your teeth often depend on receiving the necessary care to keep them safe. However, in situations where teeth are lost, your smile will need to have them replaced. This is because a complete smile is necessary for optimum oral health. Any missing teeth can cause a buildup of plaque and bacteria in the recesses left behind. In addition, tooth slippage and gum destabilization can occur as well as tooth deterioration via dental erosion. To help reverse these ailments and their malfunctions to your smile, speak out tooth replacement prosthetics such as dentures.

If you do decide on having a prosthetic such as dentures, visit your dentist for an oral examination to determine which form best works for you. Partial dentures can be crafted for as little as one tooth whereas complete dentures can be crafted and designed to replace entire rows of teeth. Dentures are extremely durable and can last a lifetime of support if you give them the care necessary. However, they are fragile when handling them. This means you should not drop them as they can easily chip and crack. In addition, never leave them out on a counter, or they can dry out and crack. If any damage does occur, bring them to your dentist for repairs. In addition, always make sure they are soaked in a denture cleaning solution and avoid abrasive products on them such as teeth whiteners and bleach.

The superb oral health happiness you seek is one step closer thanks to dentures. If you are ready for dentures from ADC Dental & Denture Clinic Inc. at our dentist office in Medford, Oregon, then you are welcome to call us at 541-772-8280. Dr. Teresa Eplett and our entire team look forward to improving your oral health with dentures.